Aaron Miller's Collector Tokens

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Aaron Miller's Collector Tokens
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Beautiful pack of Collector Tokens featuring the art of MtG artist Aaron Miller. Over 50 tokens and other goodies.

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$39,435.00 / 773 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: October 2016


Uncut 20sheet legacy square thumb
Uncut 54 card Sheet
The Uncut Sheet will have the final cards of the 54 card pack. It will come rolled in a cardboard... more »
Token box legacy square thumb
Collector Pack
Each Collector Pack comes with 54 full-color card tokens printed on high quality, and hard to cre... more »
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Signed Collector Pack

Artist Proofs

Screen 20shot 202016 03 04 20at 206.10.59 20pm legacy square thumb
Random Foil Artist Proof with color Sketch

Novelty Token

Tokens for promo images nov3 legacy square thumb
Silicone Ooze Token
Tokens for promo images nov5 legacy square thumb
Silicone Kraken Token
Tokens for promo images nov4 legacy square thumb
Silicone Germ Token
Tokens for promo images nov2 legacy square thumb
Wooden Elemental Token
Tokens for promo images nov legacy square thumb
Wooden Cat Token


Tokens for promo images30 legacy square thumb
Angel Token - Sereph
Tokens for promo images50 legacy square thumb
Angel Token - Wreath
Tokens for promo images14 legacy square thumb
Angel Token - Dark
Tokens for promo images8 legacy square thumb
Ape Token
Tokens for promo images7 legacy square thumb
Assassin Token
Tokens for promo images42 legacy square thumb
Avatar Token
Tokens for promo images28 legacy square thumb
Bear Token
Tokens for promo images12 legacy square thumb
Beast Token
Tokens for promo images53 legacy square thumb
Bird Token - Eagle
Tokens for promo images18 legacy square thumb
Bird Token - War Eagle
Tokens for promo imagesx legacy square thumb
Bird Token - Wren
Tokens for promo images40 legacy square thumb
Cat Token - Lion
Tokens for promo images41 legacy square thumb
Cat Token - Tiger
Tokens for promo images10 legacy square thumb
Cat Token - Zombie Sabertooth
Tokens for promo images5 legacy square thumb
Cleric Token
Tokens for promo images49 legacy square thumb
Citizen Token
Tokens for promo images9 legacy square thumb
Demon Token
Tokens for promo images4 legacy square thumb
Dragon Token-red
Tokens for promo images16 legacy square thumb
Dragon Token-blue
Token 094 drake legacy square thumb
Drake Token
Tokens for promo imagesx3 legacy square thumb
Elemental Shaman Token
Tokens for promo imageselk legacy square thumb
Elemental Token - Elk
Token 087 elemental blue legacy square thumb
Elemental Token - Blue
Tokens for promo images a legacy square thumb
Elemental Token - Red
Tokens for promo images u3 legacy square thumb
Elephant Token
Token 085 elder 20scion legacy square thumb
Elder Scion Token
Tokens for promo images27 legacy square thumb
Elf Druid Token
Token 088 elf 20warrior legacy square thumb
Elf Warrior Token
Tokens for promo images51 legacy square thumb
Faerie Rogue Token
Tokens for promo images23 legacy square thumb
Fox Token
Tokens for promo images a2 legacy square thumb
Goat Token
Goblin token   brainstorm 4911d7d009fbe3785e2b9f4ca5b7c002 legacy square thumb
Goblin Token - Brainstorm Brewery
Tokens for promo images q5 legacy square thumb
Goblin Token
Tokens for promo images34 legacy square thumb
Gold Token
Tokens for promo images v legacy square thumb
Hippo Token
Tokens for promo images15 legacy square thumb
Human Token - Rapunzel
Tokens for promo imagesx2 legacy square thumb
Human Token - Guardians of the Desert
Tokens for promo images13 legacy square thumb
Human Token - Pirate
Tokens for promo images6 legacy square thumb
Horror Token
Tokens for promo images bee legacy square thumb
Insect Token
Tokens for promo images25 legacy square thumb
Knight Token
Tokens for promo images kobold legacy square thumb
Kobold Token
Tokens for promo images33 legacy square thumb
Lizard Token
Tokens for promo imagesmonk legacy square thumb
Monk Token
Tokens for promo images thopter legacy square thumb
Ornithopter Token
Tokens for promo images2 legacy square thumb
Pack Rat Token
Tokens for promo images52 legacy square thumb
Plant Token
Tokens for promo images31 legacy square thumb
Robot Token - Wind-up Penguin
Tokens for promo images sap legacy square thumb
Sapling Token
Tokens for promo images29 legacy square thumb
Satyr Token
Tokens for promo images26 legacy square thumb
Serf Token
Tokens for promo images43 legacy square thumb
Snake Token
Tokens for promo images21 legacy square thumb
Soldier Token - Conan
Tokens for promo images47 legacy square thumb
Soldier Token - Swordswoman
Tokens for promo images39 legacy square thumb
Soldier Token - Samurai
Tokens for promo images spawn legacy square thumb
Spawn Token
Tokens for promo images32 legacy square thumb
Spider Token
Tokens for promo images36 legacy square thumb
Spirit Token - Smoke
Tokens for promo images37 legacy square thumb
Spirit Token - Fade
Tokens for promo images38 legacy square thumb
Spirit Token - Shining
Tokens for promo images45 legacy square thumb
Spirit Token - Departed
Tokens for promo imagesx4 legacy square thumb
Spirit Token - Bells of the Kingdom
Tokens for promo images squirrel legacy square thumb
Squirrel Token
Tokens for promo images48 legacy square thumb
Survivor Token
Tokens for promo images20 legacy square thumb
Vampire Token
Tokens for promo images44 legacy square thumb
Warrior Token - Footman
Tokens for promo images19 legacy square thumb
Warrior Token - Conan fighting snake
Tokens for promo images46 legacy square thumb
Wolf Token
Tokens for promo images wyrm legacy square thumb
Wyrm Token
Tokens for promo images24 legacy square thumb
Zombie Token - Flies
Tokens for promo images17 legacy square thumb
Zombie Token - Possessed
Tokens for promo images22 legacy square thumb
Zombie Token - Fall
Tokens for promo images35 legacy square thumb
Zombie Token - March
Tokens for promo images legacy square thumb
Demon Token (cooperative)
Token 095 golem dat legacy square thumb
Golem Token
Created for the Design-a-Token reward.

Learn About Our Project:

You've been asking for awesome tokens, and this campaign can make it happen! And best of all, you will be involved in the process of creating some of these collector tokens. You can help me design a new token. You can get yourself immortalized as a token. You can own one of the original paintings. Through stretch goals, you'll all get to help decide on which new tokens will be added! Be the envy of your friends or better yet, get them a Collector Pack too!

My goal is to produce the most incredible, beautifully illustrated Collector Pack of Tokens. Each Collector Pack comes with 54 full-color card tokens printed on high quality, and hard to crease industry quality cardstock. These card tokens match the size and quality of most trading card games so they’ll fit in perfectly with your deck. The cards come packaged in their very own full-color box featuring ultra-violet varnish coating to ensure the packaging art stays vivid and striking.

I’ve already created most of the artwork for these card tokens (which you can see below), but I’ll be revealing more artwork during this campaign exclusively here on Kickstarter.

 Signed cards really complete the design.

Each pack will contain the following collector tokens with more to be revealed during the campaign and created after the Kickstarter ends.

Printed on 300gsm regulation quality cardstock with a smooth aqueous coating. They fit nicely into perfect fit sleeves.

I'll be updating the deck list images throughout the campaign, so check back often.

Perfect Fit

For the discerning fan interested to know if these cards fit into "perfect fit" card sleeves, have a look. UPDATE: The tokens will now be cut to a fraction smaller and fit even better into perfect fits! 63mm x 88mm.

 Note: The final card design has changed slightly.

This is pretty cool. It might be hard to describe but, once you have one in your hands you don't want to put it down. It feels like ooze! Check out this little video to give you a better idea.

 There are now 3 options.

I've teamed up with some amazing folks who have transformed my tokens into wood engravings. Each token is laser cut into beautiful birch. They even smell great. The scent will remind you or the campfire on a cool fall day. I have an elemental and a cat currently available for this Kickstarter. On the back of each token is the elements of the regular card token back. They are so tactile, you'll have a hard time keeping these out of your hands. 


Press “Manage Your Pledge”. If you have not backed this project yet it will say “Back This Project”.

Increase your pledge in the Pledge Amount Box by the total price of the add-ons you would like to add. For example, add $1 for an extra Goblin Token.

Do not change the tier you are currently pledged at, unless you would like to change it. If you do, you will also need to add the add-ons amount to the new tier.

Once the Kickstarter ends you will receive a survey that will ask you questions how you want the add-on money assigned. I'll be using Backerkit to make this process very easy.

Shipping and Handling is free to US backers. Additional shipping is needed for worldwide shipping.

Josh Krause is currently running a Classic Art Token campaign right here on Kickstarter as well. Josh is a good friend and an amazing champion of the artists of the gaming community. We wanted to thank our fans who have supported both of our campaigns with limited edition tokens.

Support both campaigns and automatically get these tokens added to your respective orders. We take care of this process on our end.

Fun interview with the cast of Brainstorm Brewery Podcast

Click the logo to go to their site and listen.

Thumbs up from The Meadery!

About the illustrator

Aaron Miller is a professional illustrator from Chicago, Illinois USA. Specializing in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Featured projects; Magic: the Gathering, Star Wars LCG, Dungeons & Dragons, and many more.


If you back this project, make sure you have the correct email address listed in your KS account because that is the ONLY way I will be able to contact you after the end of this campaign to get you your rewards.